Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why did I do this.

So I guess this will be like twitter except more than 140 characters and I'll probably update it far less. yay.

I guess I'll be talking mostly about the shit you don't care about. How my life is, all that crap you find on a bunch of other blogs. However, I may post about music progresses and stuff like that, as well as share some of my favourite tunes with you people. What more do you want.

Well, music wise, I have a billion remixes I'm working on at the moment. And by a billion, I mean 3. They are Watsky - Wounded Healer, Koven. - More Than You, and Adele - Skyfall, which I just began last night. I am also considering a remix of something by Ellie Goulding. I don't know what yet, but I just love Ellie Goulding. Seriously. I would drink her bathwater.

That was creepy. Ok.

I guess I may as well post a preview while I'm babbling, so click me to hear a preview of a new *ORIGINAL* track coming out god knows when.

Upon playing this 1minute sample back, I instantly hear every single direction I went the wrong way at the whole time I've spent working on this. It's really the errors you notice after the upload that drive you mad. or crazy. what the lingo is these days.

While writing this paragraph, I fixed the weird things with the drums. Just thought you should know that I took 2 minutes out of my life to do that, and you just got it summed up to you in less than 10 seconds worth of reading time. I love the internet.

Nothing on a personal level has happened with me recently. Well, there IS my grandpa's death, but that was 4 years ago, so that's no longer much of a relevant topic. I could instead tell you about how I was drinking a can of diet pepsi, then how I realized it had the word "die" it in, and how I spontaneously exploded and aimed my body parts at the keyboard that is currently typing this. It's actually a series of bones hitting the keys.

I bet you can tell that was fake, seeing as how there are 206 bones in the average human body and this post has 2117 characters, but whatever.


I also mentioned I'd be posting up tunes I like, so have this.


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